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The EVP samples on this page have been recorded by myself, unless otherwise stated. You may or may not hear what I hear. If you should hear something different I would appreciate your contacting me and letting me know what the clip number is and what you hear. That is one thing about EVP, different people may hear different things unless the EVP is a class A. In the case of class A EVP most people will agree as to what is being said. If you have recorded any EVP of your own and would like to see them on this site please feel free to submit them to me as an attachment to this email address info@ghostlyvoices.net

  1. Let Me Out This clip sounds like it's saying "Let me out".
  2. I think they left now I asked if there were other spirits in the house and this is the response I got "I think they left now"
  3. Nathan help me This EVP has some personal meaning as Nathan was a friend of mine who was killed in a highway accident.
  4. Hello Just a simple hello.
  5. Look it's a santa This is kind of funny. I have a reddish grey beard. Is it me the voice is talking about?
  6. Tell her that I love her This EVP also has some personal meaning as it was captured while attempting to contact my wife's father.
  7. Help To me this sounded like "get out", but to others it sounded like "help" or "get help".
  8. Don't forget me I believe this EVP is also from my friend Nathan, it sounds to me like he's "don't forget me". I will never forget my friend.
  9. Lets Do it This particular EVP disturbs me to some degree. To my ear it sounds like two entities, one saying "lets do it" and the other saying "get off now". This I captured while trying to communicate with my deceased brother. If anyone has an opinion on this I would appreciate your input.
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